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May 07 2018

FREEBIES for Septemb

FREEBIES for September in Kindergarten - math and language arts - reading worksheets - printables for back to school - APPLES - alphabet - numbers and counting #kindergarten

Students will cut ou

Students will cut out pictures and sort them by short or long vowel sounds. Vowels a, e, i, o, and u are included. One page per vowel. Please follow me and look back for many more items.

April 30 2018

TONS of Silent E ide

TONS of Silent E ideas and videos!

April 15 2018

5 Great Picture Book

5 Great Picture Books for Teaching Primary Students to Infer (and Comprehension Questions to Go with Them!)

Primary mentor text

Primary mentor text suggested book list for Story Elements- RL1.3- teaching characters, setting, and events with literature- Blog post on suggested books…

over 150 mentor text

over 150 mentor texts for writing organized by kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! Mentor texts for narrative, informational, opinion, expository, letter writing and descriptive writing

Fact v. Opinion! Lov

Fact v. Opinion! Love this! Perfect activity for Opinion writing in first grade! I would wait to have students do this until they understood the Opinion Writing format.

Nonfiction reading i

Nonfiction reading is so important for kids -- and not just because Common Core says it is. Here's the best list of nonfiction books that will get kids reading!

sharing some picture

sharing some picture books I use to teach each first grade Common Core Reading Literature standard. These are not the ONLY books you can use to teach the standard, but these are ones I’ve found to work nicely.

April 14 2018

This cute song lyric

This cute song lyric sheet can be sung to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine" and will be the perfect companion for your graduation activities. Great for graduation ceremonies, in-class performances, or other special end-of-the-year moments!Can be sung acapella or use an instrumental version of the song to bring the lyrics to life!

Free decomposing num

Free decomposing numbers into ten and some ones activity. Students pick a number card, build the number using objects and write an equation or number sentence. This is a perfect math center activity!

April 08 2018

How to Teach a Child

How to Teach a Child to Read - helpful for teacher and parents of children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade

Emergent Reader Free

Emergent Reader Freebie - "The Fox" (CVC, Short O) by Emily Ames | Teachers Pay Teachers

Everyone loves the a

Everyone loves the adorable blue kitty, Pete the Cat. Who wouldn’t… he is so carefree and so cool and so groovy, too! When I know my students love something (in this case Pete), I take full on advantage of it. Since we are in the throws of adding and subtracting, Pete is going to get used …

April 04 2018

Telling Time Activit

Telling Time Activities-What Does the CLOCK Say?

Kindergarten Step by

Kindergarten Step by Step: Those First Days of K!

Sight Word RTI

Sight Word RTI

Pagina 1 van 1

Pagina 1 van 1

CVC spelling pattern

CVC spelling patterns! A huge part of the Kindergarten curriculum, but worksheet after worksheet can seem like such a drag! With Walk the Room, students can explore the classroom while segmenting and writing CVC words! And get this, I included a little taste of math in this lesson too! (How else are we going to reach all the standards in 180 days if we don't combine them!?!)

Free end of the year

Free end of the year poem {boy and girl version!!}
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